Party Planning

From Small Gatherings To Large Events

Whether it is a get together for 10 people or a wedding for 300, let our experienced party planners guide you through all the brands and quantities you need to make your event a huge success. Eliminate the guess work, you can return all un-opened re-sellable merchandise for a full refund. We will even deliver your order pre-chilled and ready to serve the minute we arrive. We will make your event easy, fun and economical.

  • We will help you choose the types, brands and quantities you need
  • Buy on consignment – Return all unopened merchandise for full refund
  • We will deliver your order pre-chilled
  • Use our certified bartenders to serve for you

We also offer a beer trailer for larger events to make dispensing beer easier and more exciting. Only $150 per day!

Use the following guide to help you plan your party*:

Type Size Quantities
Vodka 750ml 6
Gin 750ml 2
Whiskey 750ml 4
Scotch 750ml 2
Brandy 750ml 2
Rum 750ml 4
Tequila 750ml 2
Dry Vermouth 750ml 1
Sweet Vermouth 750ml 1
White Wine 1.5l 12
Red Wine 1.5l 6
Blush Wine 1.5l 3
Champagne 750ml 24
Beer 1/2 Keg 1
Beer 24pkb 6
Orange Juice 32oz 12
Cranberry Juice 32oz 12
Lime Juice 1l 1
Bloody Mary Mix 1l 4
Tonic Water 1l 12
Club Soda 1l 8
Coke 2l 12
Diet Coke 2l 12
Sprite 2l 10
Bitters 4oz 1
Olives 7oz 2
Cherries 16oz 1
Lemons ea 10
Limes ea 10
Plastic Glasses 9oz 200
Plastic Glasses 14oz 200
Stirrers 1000ct 1
Cocktain Napkins ea 400
Ice 22lb 5

*Based on 100 party guests. Quantities are soft estimates and may vary based on drinking crowd and seasons.